Our Coffee Partners

Canopy Point seeks out relationships with small family-farmer co-ops and individuals that prioritize producing specialty-grade Arabica coffees, use sustainable and responsible growing practices, and invest in the needy in their local communities. Our growers are guaranteed a minimum price that is significantly higher than the market and are paid a premium based on cupping score. This approach is the foundation of our mission, Brewing Compassion—using coffee business as a vehicle for compassionate projects.

We are currently working with and supporting small coffee growers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Oaxaca, Mexico, regions renown worldwide for producing an excellent cup of coffee. The typical size of the coffee farms are 2 to 5 hectares and have been cultivated by their families for generations. Our coffees are not blends made from several countries but are Single Origin estate coffee, allowing the unique qualities of each region to shine through.

Air Roasting

At Canopy Point, we roast our coffees in-house. We have partnered with Air-Motion Roasters to supply a unique and innovative roasting method, called fluidized bed or air roasting. These roasters use hot air to gently agitate the coffee beans and bring them to the precise degree of roast. Since they use electricity as a heat source, the roasted coffee flavors are not affected by the burnt and over-roasted flavors that are associated with traditional gas-fired roasters. This allows the subtle, sweet flavors of the coffees to naturally shine through while using a renewable energy source rather than fossil fuels.

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