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Siguatepeque, Honduras is home to a prime coffee growing region in Central America and the location of a small-farmer co-op, Don Lencho. These central Highlands farms are located at an altitude of 4,500 feet and are frequently covered in a foggy, misty rain for much of the growing year, perfect for specialty grade coffee. Varietals include Catuai, Bourbon, and Catimor, naturally washed and sun dried. Perfect for Espresso and French Roast coffees!

Our coffees are directly sourced from our coffee co-op partner, Javalliance, created to provided sustainable practices and economic support for small family farmers throughout Central America. These coffees are custom roasted in small batches using renewable electric convection roasters. This roasting technology preserves the clean flavors and quality of these amazing coffees without the charred and burned flavor that is associated with gas-fired drum roasting.

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