Our Equipment

Franke Coffee Systems' API allows the custom UI/UX to seamlessly control all coffee machine functions using wifi connection. Canopy Point will utilize Franke's IoT Cloud service for remote monitoring, drink management and machine health, and will create email and text alerts for error status, low ingredient levels, and required maintenance.


Canopy Point has partnered with Air-Motion Roasters to supply a unique and innovative roasting method, called fluidized bed or air roasting. These roasters use hot air to gently agitate the coffee beans and bring them to the precise degree of roast. Since they use electricity as a heat source, the roasted coffee flavors are not affected by the burnt and over-roasted flavors that are associated with traditional gasfired roasters. This allows the subtle, sweet flavors of the coffees to naturally shine through while using a renewable energy source rather than fossil fuels—extremely low emissions, no hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. And that’s something to feel great about!


We can be reached via email through our contact page.