Jeffrey Osburn

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Canopy Point Coffee founder Jeffrey Osburn is a successful veteran of the food and beverage industry with an entrepreneurial spirit for creating value. He became fascinated with coffeehow it's grown and cultivated, methods for roasting and extraction, and making the perfect coffee drink. His desire to bring a better coffee experience to consumers was tempered by the fact that no sane person would attempt to compete directly against the national coffee shop chains. After a period of market research Osburn created a plan to bring the same coffee shop quality and range of drinks to consumers in non-traditional locations without the need for expensive and skilled labor: an automated, tech-enabled, affordable, self served coffee shop that could be conveniently placed in almost any location. The next six years were spent designing and testing the first prototype in a local supermarket, gathering data and learning what would be required to ensure success. The second generation prototype was a marked improvement upon the first, opting for a true Italian espresso brewing system and using fresh milk. The next two years of live testing led to the conclusion that this "intelliCafé" was a feasible, viable, and profitable business opportunity. Additionally, Osburn's life goals led him to incorporate a mission of giving back to others through the business, to create meaning and purpose behind the venture as the top priority.

Jason Silverstein

Chief Operating Officer

Jason is an adventurer with a love of running straight at problems. In college, he was introduced to rock climbing, the epitome of a pursuit that is adventure and problem solving. His love for adventure and his ability to produce and execute creative solutions came together in rock climbing. Success in this arena led to sponsorships, many amazing experiences and deep relationships. In his mid 20’s he was running George Hoeg Design and Build firm and those same skills were taken to the next level. Still chasing adventure, Jason saw an opportunity in a cyber security startup and was blessed with the experience of an acquisition by Cisco Systems and being Program Manager of the acquisition initiatives. 20 yrs of experiences, spanning verticals including Design and Build, Hospitality, and Technology, Jason has learned to produce creative solutions and adapt them in a multiple of industries. Still chasing adventure and problem solving, Jason has come on board to Canopy Point Coffee as Chief Operating Officer applying his years of critical problem solving and execution to the Canopy Point Coffee team.

Ben Wheeler

VP of Sales & Manufacturing

Ben Wheeler “The Kiosk Guy” the Founder of The Kiosk Guy is a Senior Executive with proven ability to lead companies in the process of new product development. He thrives on the challenges of new making ideas come to life! Since his involvement in some of the most groundbreaking self-service products in the past twenty-two years – Redbox, Kodak Picture Maker, NCR Fastlane, Wendy’s QSR, and MinuteKey – he finds himself hunting for new challenges and meeting their demands. He has dedicated his life to mastering any role necessary at every company he has worked for, gaining vast experience in New Product Development, Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Self-Service devices, and supporting engineering/manufacturing teams and goals. He believes in Key Performance Indicators that justify the process, resulting in accurate reporting to help the team executive along with other stakeholders. He sees himself as a teacher; he loves people and enjoys the task of mentoring, motivating, and managing performance. Ben worked with Canopy Point to get the first units defined and productized and although not on staff is an ongoing advocate for CPC’s success.

Maggie Hicks

Creative Director

Maggie Hicks is a senior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. She is studying entrepreneurship and innovation, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese. Maggie has extensive experience with website building and ecommerce integration. She joined Canopy Point Coffee in January of 2021. She assisted website designers to build this beautiful website, manages CPC’s ecommerce store, and oversees the expansion of CPC’s online social presence.

Nevin DeCroo

Business Development Intern

Nevin DeCroo is a senior at Texas Christian University and is studying Entrepreneurship & Innovation. He has programming skills to accompany his business mindset and has experience using design thinking to find innovative solutions. Nevin joined the team in August of 2021 and helps with web development, e-commerce, and programming the systems and recipes within Canopy Point’s intelliCafé.

Evazio Media

Evazio Media is a digital media firm in Fort Worth, Texas. Evazio Media's mission is to take the media of brands to the next level through video production, photography, and content creation.

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