Our Technology Partners

Our intelliCafé removes friction and long wait times through it's tech based user interface that can save payment information and provides contactless ordering and payment options. The espresso and coffee brewing system uses a microprocessor to store recipes, allows for customization by the guest, and prepares each drink the same way every time. There are no baristas or cashiers needed to operate the intelliCafé, and it's always available--24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Canopy Point has partnered with Panasonic North America for the development of a custom user interface (UI) in order to create an intuitive, frictionless, and graphic-rich user experience (UX). This interface and design is the proprietary intellectual property of Canopy Point.


PopID's facial recognition payment and loyalty program is integrated with the Panasonic Clear Connect kiosk software solution to make drink ordering and payment quick and secure.

We can be reached via email through our contact page.