About Canopy Point

Be The Barista

Canopy Point Coffee has created the ultimate Smart Coffee kiosk--the intelliCafé--that is customer served and paid and does not require any full-time employees to operate. Our tech-enabled platform developed jointly with Panasonic, Ginko Metal Systems, Howard Technology Solutions, and Franke Coffee Systems can make over 200 different hot and iced coffee shop favorites using our own artisan roasted specialty grade coffees. Our facial recognition and "virtual kiosk" via smartphone capabilities make ordering and paying convenient and safe with contactless options, and always open and ready to satisfy every taste. The intelliCafé is the perfect alternative to the traditional coffee shop for hotels, travel centers, hospitals, and other businesses that need gourmet coffee and beverages without full time employees or an expensive cost to own and operate. We are looking for supply chain and purchasing partners to bring the intelliCafé solution to their customers through our exclusive Licensing Program.

Brewing Compassion

Canopy Point seeks out relationships with small family-farmer co-ops and individuals that prioritize producing specialty-grade Arabica coffees, use sustainable and responsible growing practices, and invest in the needy in their local communities. Our growers are guaranteed a minimum price that is significantly higher than the market and are paid a premium based on cupping score. This approach is the foundation of our mission, Brewing Compassion—using coffee business as a vehicle for compassionate projects. We are currently working with and supporting small coffee growers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Oaxaca, Mexico, regions renown worldwide for producing an excellent cup of coffee. The typical size of the coffee farms are 2 to 5 hectares and have been cultivated by their families for generations. Our coffees are not blends made from several countries but are Single Origin estate coffee, allowing the unique qualities of each region to shine through.

The IntelliCafé Advantage

As the Covid-19 pandemic requires consumers to avoid large group gathers and maintain social distancing, traditional coffee shops whose consumer appeal is the social environment as a meeting place and "hang out" have borne the brunt of the downturnwhile alternative forms of coffee service at home, in drive thrus, and so forth have increased significantly. The Canopy Point intelliCafé is uniquely suited to meet the consumer's need for convenient gourmet coffee while providing assurance of a safe purchase experience away from home.

The intelliCafé is placed inside other places of business where consumers are--not where they commute. There are no full time employees required to operate the intelliCafé, and it can fit inside a 13 square foot space. Due to its cost and size it can be located in multiple locations in different types of business in a small radius without risking oversaturation. For example, the intelliCafé can be present in a hospital, office complex, fitness center, and college campus on the same block without cannibalizing sales. As a complete and selfcontained solution the breakeven point in sales is a fraction of what is required to support a traditional coffee shop.

We can be reached via email through our contact page.